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Run for Life 10 miler

April 13, 2012

So, I have been extremely busy with work and writing articles for various other sites, but I still wanted to post this story.

Many of you know I have been running and trying to get in shape for a marathon. I have had many injuries, last fall I had a horrible fall that took me a couple weeks to recover.  Here is the picture of my knees, haha, but anyways, I finally feel I am in decent shape to start really puttin in the miles again.

This past weekend, I ran the Run for Life 10 mile run in Topeka, Kansas.  Prior to deciding on doing this run, I was really worried that I couldn’t run fast enough or I run out of energy because the longest run I have done has only been an hour. But I figured if I ran slow enough I would finish, so I figured why the heck not.

I like doing this race as well, because it gives attention to make people more aware of organ donations.  A lady spoke of how her daughter died in an accident and they donated her organs to 6 people. It was sad hearing her story but she was making sure we all knew that, that was what her daughter wanted and she saved peoples lives. 

As I headed to the race with my husband, it was raining hard, but as the start time neared it was only misting and we were ready to go. I tried to tell myself to start slow, I was thinking 10 minute miles, imagine my surprise when I hear 8:46 at the first mile.  I thought maybe I was going as slow as I wanted, oh well, I will go as many miles at this pace as I can. 

We ran through neighborhoods, on the sides of streets and through a park.  I really wanted to listen to my music, but since it was raining, I didnt want to get my phone wet so I went without it. But I am glad I did, it made me more aware of everyone yelling at us, cheering for us, and the sound of our feet hitting the wet ground.  I found myself not realizing how fast I was going and pretty soon, I was at mile 5. Halfway done.

About this time, the rain started to come down hard again. I saw a lady stationed on the end of street under an umbrella, holding her child. I remember thinking, wow, hope she isn’t too cold, and all of the sudden, she starts yelling “your looking good, your half way done, good job”. It made me smile, and I yelled back “thanks”. It is hard to imagine the boost words do to make people feel good.  I felt great, I was enjoying this run so much.

As we neared the end, much of the last part was in a park and I ran along with an older gentleman. For two miles we stuck together until mile eight. I realized my legs were feeling tired and I was starting to slow down.  I kept telling myself I only have two more left, we are almost there. I couldn’t keep up with the runner I was with but I tried my hardest to not slow down too much. As mile 9 came up, I looked at my watch and saw I was at 1:20. I was glad I was still on pace to run under a 1:30, I just had to not slow down any more.  My husband ran with me telling me every minute what my time was.  As we neared Washburn University’s track, I knew we only had a 1/4 mile left and I was hurting. I could hear people cheering and yelling my name. I was pushing myself and that finish line never looked so good. I finished in 1:29:28. I ended up 3rd in my age group, and for once, I felt like that marathon was in my sights, my legs weren’t in pain.

So now I know I can start these long runs again and hopefully won’t be falling down anymore.  I am still gonna hit all my favorite 5k’s this summer though.  But I also wanted to add, if you don’t want to run a race, go out and support the runner’s along the route.  The words of encouragement really help runners and I just wanted to say thank you to those that were out in the rain for the Run for Life.  I truly appreciate your kind words.



My worst race ever!

July 27, 2010

So, I ran my yearly Sunflower State Games race. Last year I did the cross country run at a course that more resembled an obstacle trail run, and I thought that was a bad run, but this year’s governors cup 10k was horrible.

First, I have to say, I have been training everymorning at 6am, on a heel with plantar fascitis.  That in itself, feels like crap during and after a run, but I figured I just run a 10k that I did pretty okay in, I figured this one would be the same. NOT.  I know now what I didn’t do enough which was acclimate myself to the evening run time.  Because the run was a 7pm, when the sun was still high, and it was humid as heck, with a heat advisory going.  Still, I figured if I did feel tired, I would just run it as a training run.  Yeah so that didn’t happen either

So we head over to Topeka for the 7pm start, I had drank a ton of water and felt I should be okay. I was for about 2 miles.  While I took water at ever stop, I could feel my legs not running as hard and kinda just trotting.  By the time I had reached 3 miles, I was thinking I should have only done the 5k, but it was half over.  My time was way off and then I could feel myself getting cotton mouth needing water. Unfortunately at 4 miles, they only had Gatorade and I took it,  I was thirsty! About a half a mile later, they did have water, but I could feel my whole body just shutting down. I actually walked for about 2 minutes until I could get back into my stride.  5 miles now and all I could think was I have to finish this race, I never not finished a race.  As I turned our last corner to head back to the park where it all started, I realized I had actually been out on the course for an hour! I slowly trotted back in, grateful I could finish and devastated by my time 1:07! Oh well, I figured, at least I finished.

As I cooled off, I realized my body was broke down, when we got home I was extremely cold, tired and nauseous.  I put myself to bed thinking I should have acclimated more to the running at night. So the lesson learned is if the run is at night, run at night time! Hind sight is 20/20, and I learned my lesson!

running a different route

November 17, 2009

I have the same route I run from my home to the university where I teach. It’s a long sloping uphill and coming back is great because it is downhill. The familiarity of it all too, I can daydream when I run, and still know how much further I have to go, what my time should be, if my time is off, where to pick it up.  Runners who have the same routes know this, and also know, it can get boring.

So, the other day, I decided instead of turning heading West and going South, I turned North for a bit and headed East.  It was interesting as I passed my son’s preschool, downhill, then a small uphill past the local cemetary.  I noticed that some of the headstone were right up to the fence, about 2 feet away from the sidewalk I was on.  Some faced me, some faced the other way, and I wondered if there was someone buried there, or was it a memorial headstone? Other headstones had green and orange brown lichens over the names so you couldn’t read them.  I also wondering, I have lived in this area for four years and didn’t know how people got into the cemetary, where was the entrance?  Oh well, as I ran along, the sidewalk ended at the city limit sign, and I continued on a two-way road with no sidewalks.  I know it was dangerous because I did know a lot of people drove on this road way too fast, and it had hills, hills that were very steep, but I decided to keep going until I went twenty minutes. Twenty minutes was my magic number today, not too far and not short, I trudged up the hill, ran down the hill, then trudged up another hill to see a sheriff at the top.  Strange seeing a sheriff pulled over the side of a road with really no sides…but I figured was good for me because cars would see him and slow down maybe.  Maybe not, as a car blew by and the cop waved…oh well.  I continued down the hill and ran over train tracks, and finally hit my number.  Turning around, I noticed a bunch of cars coming up, I decided to run on the small patch of dirt on the side of the road.  I started back up the hill, past the sheriff, down the hill and back up another monster, wondering what the cop thought of me pushing myself up this hill, while he sat in his car, doing whatever he was doing. Finally making it to the top, I started to move a little faster and I hit the sign that said city limits, and then my savior: the sidewalk.  I know most people don’t like running on the sidewalk but when cars are roaring past you at 4o miles an hour I don’t mind the sidewalk.  I get to the cemetary once again, and the wind is picking up blowing leaves in all directions.  I didn’t wear an Ipod today because I didn’t want to be distracted, and listening to the leaves rustle almost sounds like someone walking through leaves.  I have a kind of eerie feeling since I am on the outside of a cemetary, but, I continue running back home, through a park and to the familiar sounds of the KU football game going on. Yeah, it is that loud I can hear the stadium! I am glad that I did my run before it was over because there was no way I could navigate roads with all the post game traffic.  All in all, this route was pretty interesting, I just may have to work it in every now and then.