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Run for Life 10 miler

April 13, 2012

So, I have been extremely busy with work and writing articles for various other sites, but I still wanted to post this story.

Many of you know I have been running and trying to get in shape for a marathon. I have had many injuries, last fall I had a horrible fall that took me a couple weeks to recover.  Here is the picture of my knees, haha, but anyways, I finally feel I am in decent shape to start really puttin in the miles again.

This past weekend, I ran the Run for Life 10 mile run in Topeka, Kansas.  Prior to deciding on doing this run, I was really worried that I couldn’t run fast enough or I run out of energy because the longest run I have done has only been an hour. But I figured if I ran slow enough I would finish, so I figured why the heck not.

I like doing this race as well, because it gives attention to make people more aware of organ donations.  A lady spoke of how her daughter died in an accident and they donated her organs to 6 people. It was sad hearing her story but she was making sure we all knew that, that was what her daughter wanted and she saved peoples lives. 

As I headed to the race with my husband, it was raining hard, but as the start time neared it was only misting and we were ready to go. I tried to tell myself to start slow, I was thinking 10 minute miles, imagine my surprise when I hear 8:46 at the first mile.  I thought maybe I was going as slow as I wanted, oh well, I will go as many miles at this pace as I can. 

We ran through neighborhoods, on the sides of streets and through a park.  I really wanted to listen to my music, but since it was raining, I didnt want to get my phone wet so I went without it. But I am glad I did, it made me more aware of everyone yelling at us, cheering for us, and the sound of our feet hitting the wet ground.  I found myself not realizing how fast I was going and pretty soon, I was at mile 5. Halfway done.

About this time, the rain started to come down hard again. I saw a lady stationed on the end of street under an umbrella, holding her child. I remember thinking, wow, hope she isn’t too cold, and all of the sudden, she starts yelling “your looking good, your half way done, good job”. It made me smile, and I yelled back “thanks”. It is hard to imagine the boost words do to make people feel good.  I felt great, I was enjoying this run so much.

As we neared the end, much of the last part was in a park and I ran along with an older gentleman. For two miles we stuck together until mile eight. I realized my legs were feeling tired and I was starting to slow down.  I kept telling myself I only have two more left, we are almost there. I couldn’t keep up with the runner I was with but I tried my hardest to not slow down too much. As mile 9 came up, I looked at my watch and saw I was at 1:20. I was glad I was still on pace to run under a 1:30, I just had to not slow down any more.  My husband ran with me telling me every minute what my time was.  As we neared Washburn University’s track, I knew we only had a 1/4 mile left and I was hurting. I could hear people cheering and yelling my name. I was pushing myself and that finish line never looked so good. I finished in 1:29:28. I ended up 3rd in my age group, and for once, I felt like that marathon was in my sights, my legs weren’t in pain.

So now I know I can start these long runs again and hopefully won’t be falling down anymore.  I am still gonna hit all my favorite 5k’s this summer though.  But I also wanted to add, if you don’t want to run a race, go out and support the runner’s along the route.  The words of encouragement really help runners and I just wanted to say thank you to those that were out in the rain for the Run for Life.  I truly appreciate your kind words.