About Skycity1-R.LeValdo

My name is Rhonda LeValdo, I am Acoma Pueblo from Acoma New Mexico. I am a recent graduate with my Masters Degree from the University of Kansas in journalism. I teach at Haskell Indian Nations University, I host a radio show in Kansas City called “Native Spirit”(5pm central http://www.kkfi.org).

I freelance as well, in both print and broadcast. I love doing stories on Native Americans, whether they are positive stories,  stories about injustices against Native people, and just plain informative stories.

At Haskell I serve as the advisor for the school newspaper, teach the broadcast classes, advise the film club and serve as a co-sponsor the intertribal cultural club.  All these things make for a busy week, but I enjoy making sure our students are doing the best for themselves.

The organizations I also am a part of: Runlawrence club and the Native American Journalists Association which I serve on the board of directors.

If you have any questions you liked answered please email me at skycitygirl@yahoo.com


One Response to “About Skycity1-R.LeValdo”

  1. 47whitebuffalo Says:

    Hello from a KKFI fan.
    Hope you are well soon.
    Nice to find you here.
    Shanti Om

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