Thank You Native American Journalists Association

As the 2013 Native Media conference comes to a close, so does my term as President of the Native American Journalists Association(NAJA).  As a member of the NAJA board, I had two three year terms and they certainly have gone by fast.  I have nothing but positive things to say that NAJA has given to me throughout these six years.  I appreciated all your comments, feedback and support through my time as President and as NAJA moves forward with a new President, I know our organization will continue to thrive.

I like to thank all our the board members who served with me: Mary Hudetz, Tristan Ahtone, Tetona Dunlap, Mark Dreadfulwater, Jason Begay, Nancy Kelsey, Jolene Schonchin, Christina Goodvoice; our Executive Director Pam Silas and communications manager Rebecca Landsberry, they are what makes NAJA great.

I like to thank UNITY Journalists for Diversity and our NAJA representatives: Suzan Shown Harjo, Margaret Holt, and Tara Gatewood.  The friendships I have gained through our alliance partners is amazing, thank you UNITY.

Last, I want to thank my children Winona and Hepanna and my husband Denny, as they gave up so much time for my board meetings, conferences and various other commitments.  I love you so much!

I am so proud to be a part NAJA, thank you everyone again for your support.  I will continue to contribute to our organization as much as possible. Da wa eh! 

Photo by Brian Bull



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