Elouise Cobell, Native Warrior

In the years I followed the Cobell lawsuit against the Federal government, I was surprised to see it end.  I thought it take longer than the fourteen years it went on. The Cobell Lawsuit stated “the federal government violated its trust duties by not providing a proper historical accounting relating to Individual Indian Monetary (IIM) accounts and other trust assets. IIM accounts primarily contain money collected by the federal government from farming and grazing leases, timber sales, mining, oil and gas production, and other activities on trust land, as well as certain per capita distributions”(Indiantrust.com). The lawsuit was settled and signed into law in December 2010 by President Barack Obama.

All the litigation, press conferences, meetings and explanations that Elouise Cobell went through I wondered how this woman did all that without wearing down.  She had strong medicine that I believe.

There are many Native Leaders in history that have done much to help their people.  Elouise was a modern-day warrior doing the same.  Upon hearing of her death, I was sad for all those around her that gave her up to all of us as she fought for this case.  They didn’t get to spend the time they should have with her, but, I do know that they as well as her tribe are extremely proud of her and what she did for many.    I want to say my condolences to the family, to the Blackfeet Nation, thank you for giving us Elouise so she could take on this task. I know more are inspired by her and will continue the fight for Native rights.  Her work will not be forgotten.


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