Membership in the Native American Journalists Association

We at the Native American Journalists Association (NAJA) are always trying to find people to become members of NAJA.  You don’t have to be a traditional journalist, you can be an educator in journalism, a student, and or any forms of media (online) that are used today to spread the Native American stories we love and enjoy hearing.   And you don’t have to be Native American, we have an associate membership for everyone.

Some might ask, why do you need members?

Well we need the numbers to show how many people we have in the media.  It also helps as a way of showing how disproportionate those numbers are in mainstream media as well.  Tribal media is fast becoming the place our journalists go for jobs.  This is good not only for our working journalists, but those people who rely on the information produced in their tribal newspapers, radio stations and or online sites.

Along that note, we here at NAJA know that not all tribal media’s are members of our association.  We need you as members, we need the numbers, again, to show how strong Native Journalism is!

As an added incentive, NAJA is offering for all people who sign up as NAJA members by March 29th, their name will be put in a drawing for an Apple IPAD to be drawn March 30th.  You can always sign up online as well, just go to for more information.



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