New Yorker “Caption Contest Winner”

The Native American community were not amused with this caption winner of the New Yorker comic.  A blogger at Gawker wrote  about it stating it was “pretty racist”

I had to agree as well, I did send a letter to editor of the New Yorker, I have posted it below. 

September 27, 2010

Dear Editor of the New Yorker Magazine,

I am writing regarding a recent “Winning Caption” cartoon with a man sitting behind a desk with arrows in his chairs, wall, computer and desk, while he is calling for help on his phone and the caption reads, “Quick, give them a casino.”

Not only is the cartoon a form of racism, but it insinuates the stereotype of Native American Indians that we are still hostile.  We can’t simply do business with Americans, so we have to resort to violence.  Ironically, our people were always at the receiving ends of violence by the American government, through massacres inflicted on our people. 

The Native American Journalists Association would like to extend a hand to your newsroom and explain what racism is.  While your cartoon may have just been a tool to get some laughs, our people, our Native Nations are not here to be your comic relief.


Rhonda LeValdo

President, Native American Journalists Association


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