“The Social Network”

I just got back from watching a sneak preview of the movie “The Social Network” here in Lawrence, KS and I usually do not do movie reviews, but,  I must say it was pretty good!   If you don’t know what the movie is about, in short, its about the creators of Facebook and how it evolved.  Jesse Eisenberg plays the founder Mark Zuckerberg, Andrew Garfield plays the co-creator Eduardo Saverin and Justin Timberlake is Sean Parker (founder of Napster)

Throughout the film you go through the beginning of when Zuckerberg and Saverin started off in college as friends.  Zuckerberg writes the codes for various computer programs and he meets some other entrepreneurs wanting to do a program that would be an exclusive club on the internet.  Saverin is his friend, helping him in need whenever Zuckerberg needs him, and fronting the money when they launch Facebook.

Without giving the whole movie away, you get this advice: 1. Be careful who you tell your ideas to 2. Be careful when reading contracts especially if they are your friends  3. Always be in the know!

I really enjoyed this movie, and Justin Timberlake was a great Sean Parker.  One other great part of this movie, the music! Trent Reznor was the music musician and as the movie went through the various moods of highs and lows, you could tell the influence from Reznor.  It was a great collaboration.

I highly recommend watching “The Social Network” even if it is to learn about intellectual property.


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