Call to members and potential future members of the Native American Journalists Association

As we move into the next conference year, I would like to let our NAJA members know, if you would like to help us out, give suggestions for honorees, panels, please let us know.  Our convention can only be better with more people working to make it a great event.

While one of the main duties for our Board of Directors is to work on the convention items – the agenda, panels, silent auction, honorees, student projects, elections and award recipients – it is a lot to do for nine people and our executive director as we split up duties between us all.  Sometimes an idea may be missed in conversation, so any other people that can give us suggestions, we welcome.

As we go into our 27th year of NAJA, there are a ton of people out there who have done so much to keep our organization going.  Some people donate in the form of money, others in their time.  We appreciate any more comments on what you want at our next conference.  We will also be letting you all know very soon where we stand on our next location for NAJA 2011.

Thank you,

Rhonda LeValdo
President, Native American Journalists Association

For the latest NAJA news and updates, please visit our website at:


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