Letter to Mayor Bloomberg

August 20, 2010

Dear Mayor Bloomberg,

The use of the Cowboy and Indian theme when describing how to deal with the tribes in the state of New York demeans all Native American tribes as a people.  By enforcing this stereotype you also perpetuate an image of the past that certainly does not pertain to the tribes that reside in your area. 

It is apparent you need to open up lines of communication with the tribes to regain some sort of diplomacy.  It would also be important to understand what tribal sovereignty is. 

Tribes in the area of New York were there before the state was what is known now as New York.  It is astonishing that you would take the cavalier attitude of showing them a shotgun to make tribes do what you or your state wants them to do. 

Inflicting violence on any ethnic group is not prudent.  Even your own faith of being Jewish, would know this course of action is wrong and certainly not humane. 

I ask you issue an apology not only to your area tribes but to all tribal nations for suggesting violence against Native Americans. 


Rhonda LeValdo

President, Native American Journalists Association

Jeff Harjo, Executive Director

Native American Journalists Association

OU Gaylord College

395 W Lindsey

Norman, Oklahoma 73019-4201

405 325-9008



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