Tribal Law and Order Act

I was relieved when the Tribal Law and Order act was signed into Law by President Barack Obama.  I often think about the violence that native youth see and how it affects them.  Domestic violence, rape, and other sex crimes is something that affects not only the victim but those who see it or hear about it happening.  What is even worse is when the victim feels they can’t tell anyone or don’t want to tell anyone because of pressure from others.

I was under such pressure when I was beaten by person who was in a relationship with a family member.  Fortunately I had the support of a friend to move forward and not drop charges against this person.  It was very hard, not just on me, but someone very close to me who to this day is still upset with me for not dropping the charges.  I was not allowed to talk about the incident that happened to me when I was a teenager, no one in my family knew about it until years later when I couldn’t keep my secret inside any more.  That incident still affects me today and sometimes makes me a little bit guarded.

Domestic Violence has harsh effects.  Not only the physical scars, but the mental and emotional scars last much longer.  All our people deserve so much better, please if you know someone who has been a victim of abuse, please support them as much as possible and get them to open up and face their accusers in court.  In the end, it will help with healing along with the love from our families and friends.


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