UND retires American Indian Mascot

When I heard that the hammer had come down, and the North Dakota Board of Higher Education was telling the University of North Dakota administration to start a transition to a new mascot, I was elated beyond belief. Not wanting it to be a joke, I looked up the story on the news websites, and breathed a sigh of RELIEF, ” IT FINALLY FREAKING HAPPENED, OH MY GOSH!!!”

When I organized a rally when Kansas City played Washington back in 2005, we had received support from the BRIDGES group that was established at UND. BRIDGES was a group against the “Fighting Sioux” mascot.  I could not imagine what they had gone through, not only to be just students at a college, but have to put up with the stereotypes inflicted on them daily seeing the imagery everywhere.

I contemplated once going to UND and then I thought about the daily trash talk going on, and just plain distraction of being at a school where stealing identities was not important.  Stealing the identity of a Native American and have it blatantly trashed by other schools they played.  I didn’t want to add the stress of that plus just being a grad student, so I decided it was not for me.

I don’t want to count all my chickens just yet either, I am sure something will come up so that the devout UND alumni will try and stop this order.  But for now, this is a humongous victory and it should be celebrated! Congrats BRIDGES and all Natives who don’t want to be a mascot for anyone’s pleasure!


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