Been busy

My students had their 6th annual Stories ‘N Motion American Indian Film festival this past weekend with guest Russell Means. I was really amazed at the turnout for our event. We really try to emphasize the point it is to get more people to see American Indian films while getting to meet a famous star.  The only bad thing was I had to leave the same weekend for a workshop in Chicago.  I was so stressed worrying about my students, but in the end I didn’t have to worry as they had everything down pat! They even finished their movie they made (with me as an extra) and got a standing O! I still have to see the movie as I have been getting many comments on my performance…LOL.  Anyways, as soon as we start sending it out to other film festivals, I will let you know when the next screening is.  Oh yeah, in addition to missing the film festival, I missed my daughters birthday, yes, it was bad, but she forgave me.  I made it up to her though the day after, and hopefully she won’t be too scarred by mom’s over-scheduled life.  Oh yeah, the funny thing is, I am still sick, hacking up a lung, and just hoping it will go away again.  We shall see.  April is coming, and its almost the end of the semester. I can’t wait for Summer! Running in the sun, getting a nice shade of brown, and just enjoying life.  Everyone have a great day!


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