It sucks being sick

I have been sick since last Thursday, and I gave in and went to IHS (or for those non indians reading  that stands for “Indian Health Services”) on Friday so I can get some cheap medication and make sure I didn’t have H1N1 or a strep. My throat was extremely sore, and I didn’t know if it was from the gagging from phlegm or strep, so always good to find out. Anyways, I was cleared for strep and told just a very bad virus and as long as I wasn’t ralphing, I thought I would be okay. WRONG, besides the fact I was given like 5 medications, including cough syrup with codeine, nothing helped. It only got worse, and I was done for the count Saturday, Sunday, I lost my voice.  It’s funny too, when you lose your voice people question if that’s really you on the phone…haha. The first call I received, I debated answering the phone, because, I knew they wouldn’t be able to understand me, and like an idiot, I did answer and they couldn’t hear me! Oh well, texting came in real handy! I was still on schedule as well to do the radio show, but I had guest hosts while I worked as the board operator.  Lets just say, it went as well as could be expected….LOL.  Monday came and I thought I could go to work and be okay, which I did, but I think I did more than I should have, and spent too much time outside, when it was snowing, so today, I felt like crap.  I only had class for 40 minutes, and dismissed. I think my voice was starting to go, and besides, my coughing fits have just really gotten out of control. Coughing so bad, you see those little white lights around your eyes…anyone ever see that? Sucks…so I went home early.  I managed to squeeze in a nap before I had to get the kids.  I stayed in after we came home and have been resting, drinking tea, eating soup, and really craving a hamburger.  I am hoping tomorrow I will start to feel better, as I have not been able to work out since last Thursday. A non-running Rhonda is not a happy camper, here I thought I could run a 5k this weekend….scratch that! I was on such a roll too, my workouts were getting great, and runs were getting longer, and then the illness.  Someone told me, I need to to always take care of myself first, and rest, and you know, maybe I shouldn’t have done some of the stuff on Saturday, Sunday or Monday, but, it’s the person in me wants to make sure all my kids (Haskell students included) are taken care of.  Yeah I know, rest…so I will sign off for now, the cough syrup is starting to kick in.


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