5 Years Ago

I was thinking about my son’s birthday tomorrow, and remembering what I was doing 5 years ago.  I was 224 lbs (5’8″), give or take a couple of pounds…haha! I had walked many miles surprisingly as well, trying to get my contractions into gear and have my second child on New Year’s 2005.  So much, that New Year’s eve I went to play frisbee golf with friends, probably logging almost 3 miles and not even a hiccup from the belly.  The days past and so Jan. 10, 2005 I decided to take a walk in the dark and see if anything stirred.  I didn’t get 100 yards from the house when I slipped on some black ice and injured my groin area.  If you ever done that ( lets just say I did the splits) there is no greater pain than a groin injury! LOL, anyways, I limped back, big belly an all, and then the contractions started. But, unfortunately they didn’t progress into anything other than small contractions, and I was sent back home.  Then on January 12th it was early morning and my contractions were getting intense and I knew it was time to go. The funny thing is, I told my husband this, and he proceeded to make me this humongous breakfast, and I was thinking, man, that is a lot of food, I should eat something cuz I won’t be eating for a while! So in the midst of my pains, I scarfed eggs, potatoes, bacon and toast. LOL!

At the hospital and by the time everything was in order, I spent the day in contractions and wondering when my baby was gonna come out.  Prior to all this, we had not found out what the sex of the baby was and I was immensely interested to find out! As the day wore on, and my pains were getting out of hand, I was told the epidural I requested was not working and it was too late to get another try, and well, I was gonna feel this delivery. My first thought was “OH MY FREAKIN GAWD, this baby is gonna be almost 10 lbs and I am gonna feel it!” My second thought was “Where is Denny!”  My husband, who was getting our daughter situated with a sitter, made it to the hospital about twenty minutes before I delivered.  The funny thing was our doctor barely made it into his gloves to deliver and baby was born.  Through the pain of delivery and the anxiousness of wanting to know what our baby was, they finally said, “It’s a boy!”.  Relief, still pain, and more relief set in, Hepanna Wakpa Gayton was born at 5:55 pm weighing in at 9lbs 11 ozs.  As they did all the small tests on our baby boy, we were told he is off the charts, 99 percentile, he didn’t cry.  Seeing his little face I was overjoyed at the prospects of our Acoma Lakota baby.  Now five years later, Hepanna is in pre-k, still off the charts, bigger than all his classmates, but such a sensitive little man.  Just the other day his teacher told me, he was asked what our parents do for us.  And he said, “My mommy tells me she loves me”.  I was so touched he shared that with his class.  This past year Hepanna ran a 2 mile fun run, and although I want him to be a runner like Billy Mills..lol…I know it is up to him what he wants to do, I will just give nudges here and there.  Throughout our five years together we have: gone through countless drives to North Dakota and New Mexico, runs with me in his jogger, powwows all over, and of course hospital visits for fevers and falls.  Who knows what the next five years will be like, all I know is I am going to enjoy and learn from every moment of it.



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