It’s too cold

Reporting from Lawrence, Kansas, it has been so cold, and too much snow.  This morning when I took my kids to school it was -1, when I went to the car, I accidently breathed some air in, and what a mistake.  I was hacking up a lung! I choked so bad, it almost felt like inhaling icicles.  I did go to work, and it was nice to see people because the only people I had seen for the past 3 days had been my children.  I love my kids, but they were going nuts inside, fighting, playing, getting all their toys out and not putting them away.  I even was able to do some spring cleaning and throw a bunch of stuff away.  That is how much time I had! The best part of today was actually working out! LOL, I was able to run on a treadmill which I hate, but there was no way I could run outside, too much snow, and risking life from drivers who can’t drive on snow, it is not worth it.  So, I am hoping it warms up soon, I don’t like running inside, but as long as I can do some sort of excercise I don’t mind.  Right now, I do wish I was in Arizona, days and weeks like this, I wish I was back in Phoenix, but only for the winter.


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