Another Thankstaking

Well, it’s that year again, and am I the only American Indian who feels torn on whether to celebrate thankstaking or not? LOL, people may think its dumb, but there are hardcore indians who say it celebrates “genocide” which I can agree with, yes, it was the beginning of the end for many tribes. And then, it’s about giving thanks for many things, not just celebrating that first thanksgiving, I guess…I dunno. I personally don’t really celebrate it too much, its time to be off and relax and I think to hang with the family and have a good meal. Other than that, I don’t know.  I call it thankstaking, which is kind of my joke, but again, I know there are natives out there who do celebrate with the families and might find it offensive.  So what to do, I love turkey, I admit it..hehe…and I did make one, and I did have students come by to eat, if only just to get something to eat. I had one person post on my FB “your one of those turkey eating ndns” lol…again, should I feel bad cuz I like turkey? aargghh…walking in two worlds, its hard sometimes. But I did allude to the fact on my radio show it was funny that for the first time native americans had a parade float in the Macy’s thanksgiving day parade…really the first time? really! And it had real natives on it…I was only put off by the fact that I saw a high school band marching in head dresses….damn, it was gonna be a good parade! Oh yeah, and many peeps diddn’t know Black Friday was also Native American Heritage Day, the official day, but no one really knows, we need to get that national holiday people! So anyways, I had a decent break, I ate some turkey, I didn’t get to go home, but I did make sure time spent with the kids was a ton of fun.  We watched New Moon and my daughter loved the fact she saw so many indians in the movie, that is all she talked about. LOL, Well so much for my weekend, hope everyone is ready for the next holiday, and let me tell ya about that one…next time…LOL!



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  1. Heidsdori Says:

    I really enjoyed reading this blogpost, keep on posting such interesting posts.

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