R.I.P. Geocities

I know this post is about a week late, but, hey man I got kids!! LOL, anyways, I wanted to put my two cents in about the death of Geocities. If any of ya don’t know what that was, it was an ancient html program on Yahoo to make your own website, yeah they did offer layouts that you just added your information, but they also had one where you decided the layout, stuff, pictures…etc. It was kinda bad looking but, hey man, it was my first website!  So, it was called Skycitygirl, and I was such a ding dong! I posted crazy pictures, my life that spanned powwows and trips back home. I reread what I had on my website,(because it was still accessible) and laughed, cringed, and remembered what life was like before kids, the craziness of it all.  I posted clips of poems I loved, people probably didn’t know who they were, but it didn’t matter, cuz they were beautiful poems.  Edwin Markham, look him up! The last note I had posted in 2001 (yes that was the last time i updated it) was about pictures of my sock monkey “Bobo” and that I had planned to take pictures of him of the places I went.  I think I ended up leaving Bobo half the time…lol.  I also had posted “shoutouts” to all my friends, online and off…of the times we had at Gathering of Nations and other powwows. Some had wierd comments in them, that I am trying to figure out today, what I was talking about…lol.  It was so strange seeing things that you posted that seemed so important in your life at the time.  After that website, I fixed my radio station website at GeoCities as well, but it was all for not, as Yahoo decided to get rid of GeoCities and that was that. I spent the last day of GeoCities frantically downloading pictures I had saved in the file folders.  So I bid my final goodbye to Geocities in the words of Markham

“Now I turn to the future for wine and bread:
I have bidden the past adieu.
I laugh and lift hand to the years ahead:
“Come on: I am ready for you!”


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