Pain in the TOE

So the other day my son dropped his wooden stool (he sits on for me to braid his hair) on my big toe! OH MY GOSH, I was in PAIN, pain, freaking shards of glass in my foot pain…and my poor son, just watched me hobble to the kitchen so he didn’t see me break down.  LOL. You all have been there, right? Please tell me parents, you have been there, where all you want to do is scream, yell and cry out loud that an ambulance comes rolling in to take care of YOU right away.  I just wanted someone to hold me, and let me cry in their shoulder, but all I had was an empty kitchen and me crying softly into a dirty sink filled with dirty dishes.  LOL.  My son meanwhile, watched me from the living room, while his sister was asking what was wrong.  I finally composed myself, and said I was okay, and sat down to show them, “Momma is okay”.  Then, my son hugged me, kissed my hand, and proceeded to cry, “I’m sorry MAAAMAAAAA”.  Over and Over again.  Then I felt bad. Not just in my toe, but in my heart, I really tried to control myself, but sometimes, pain is pain, and dang it, I can only tolerate so much when blood is involved. After he was done, I let him know it was okay, and I know it was an accident and life continued on throughout the day. We all went for my run, the kids biked along, and my son kept asking about my toe. I told him it hurt but it was okay. He would then kiss my hand and my explanation satisfied him.  When we got back, it was a bloody sock, and a limping mama for the rest of the day.  Today was a little better, my sock was still bloody but the swelling went down. My son still asks about my toe and gives me a kiss.  It made me think about all the other times my children have accidently hurt me, not including childbirth…lol…but this one time my daughter jumped up really hard and knocked her head into my jaw, I thought I was gonna have to go to the ER… but aside from the occasional pinches and scratches, I guess my injuries are minimal, and the joy I get from being their Mama makes up for the occasional accidents.  Yes, kisses do make the pain go away.

The babies and Mama

The babies and Mama


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