A new phase of running life

I woke up very early today to my song asking for milk, he gets up early regardless of the days and mommy is tired. I spent way too much time watching tv last night when I should have been sleeping. Oh well, anyways, I was thinking about my daughter, she ran/walked her first 5k. She is 7 years old and my son did 2 miles of it, (we were pushing him in a jogger and he got out after a mile). Anyways, I was thinking of my first organized run I did and I think I was in 3rd or 4th grade and we ran a mile race against all the other grade schools. I wore a yellow personalized t-shirt with my name R-H-O-N-D-A across the front in blue letters, and some blue running shorts. I think that day was scary as, I didn’t know how to run a race, I just knew how to run, and I started out too fast and faded at the end. LOL. The beginning of organized races for me, I guess, but back to Winona.  She asked to run a 5k last year. I always ran pushing her or her brother in many races and I think she figured she could do one.  I waited and told her this time, we would do it, but we would run/walk so she could finish. It was humid and hot, and the race started at 4pm.  The first mile was pretty good, but after that, it was getting hotter and I could tell she was getting a little tired. We walked more, but it didn’t matter, and Panna was running always ahead of us. We got to the last 1/4 mile and we could see the end. I don’t think I have ever been so proud of my girl when she ran the last part of the race in.  We were the last runners in, but that didn’t bother me, we finished all together, and now she can say she finished a 5k and she came in third in the 10 and under age group.  We are looking for another 5k in the future, and hopefully panna can join us the whole way. I myself, have always been competive while running, tryin to better my times, place in an age group, but now, its not about the times, or my placing. I think I have now reached another phase of running, and that is running with my kids.


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