I can’t believe its almost May

I know i didn’t add to my Haskell track cancelled and Billy Mills post. Lets just say the powers that be at Haskell have resigned not to have a track season but, they have a running club, so some students have been keeping up the running and doing road races. I was so proud of some of them in the Brew to Brew run, 44 miles , and we had one student Leo Becenti who ran the whole way by himself! I admire that type of dedication, that is our culture! that is who we are, we are runners, we ran long time ago to pray, to relay messages, to get and find food, and here was one of our runners, doing that extraordinary journey, i was a proud Haskell alum. We did have one team do a relay and they did awesome too!  I myself have just started running somewhat regular, i ran a 5k two weeks ago and ran a 26:30, i was shocked! i was hopin for under 30..haha.  i am runnin a 5k on saturday, i am just gonna make sure I don’t hurt while running.  Life has been interesting also, as I am nearing the end of my thesis work, i finally got my stats from my coding, and it is quite interesting! we just had our stories n motion film festival with Chris Eyre, and I did an interview with him, that I must say was really interesting! I am just waiting for the story to go up, I know some people are really gonna like it! Its almost the end of the year, and its been wild, but most of all, very fun.  Well when the story goes up, I will post it here.


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