update on track

So a funny thing happened when I was woken up by my cell phone buzzin on the ground.  I thought today I would try to sleep in, and then I realize well it might be important, and so I answer.  “Hello” I say kinda sleepily, “Hello” the voice says back all bright and cheery, “I just realized I might be waking you up, but, this is Billy Mills”.  I suddenly am wide and awake, totally surprised and in awe, “It’s okay Mr. Mills, I am up!” The next few minutes are a daze as I am trying to listen to what he is saying but a single thought keeps going through my head, “Billy Mills called ME! I am talking to Billy Mills!”  I gathered what he had asked for me to do, and we hang up, and I am still in a daze, as my daughter runs around and asks who it was. I tell her, “Billy Mills called momma!” and she fakes like she is passing out (she is only 6!)
All in all, he wanted to make sure he talked to some of the administration before he talks to my reporters from the Haskell News, but he did seem kinda concerned that the track season was cancelled.  I sure hope something can come out of it. When I seen the track runners who were involved and told them, they were shocked that Billy Mills knew about it.  But you know what, Billy Mills cares, and he is a part of Haskell history, and if anyone knows about overcoming adversity, it is Billy Mills!

Here is the link to our news if you like to see the Athletics director interview:


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